Sunday, August 1, 2010

Non-Violent Systemic Repudiation, Expatriation

Communitarian Alternative

An expatriator = one who advocates expatriation, repudiation and anarcho_communitarian values -- the adonim understanding [Adon (H113; H136 Adonay, my Lord), rendered "Lord," meaning Lord as Ruler of the earth; Adonim, the plural of Adon, carries all the meaning of Adon, but to a higher degree; God is the owner and proprietor of the earth, the Lord who rules his own] - Psm 111:10 ... a good understanding have all they who obey His commandments [the communitarian constitution; the 10C]; the recognition of the kingdom and authority of God (God's many names as explanation; the confederation of tribes).

The dom_innate vs. dominate, domination, dominant [DOM, to God, the great, the greatest] - usury in control, democracy non-existent; false usurper god -- usury = usurper -- labor, community groups, ngo's must turn from their tradition of oppositional redistributionism to a new role as creators and generators of wealth - we have to stop demanding a bigger slice of the pie, and start making our own -- we have to listen, to give "ear" [expatriation and repudiation] -- Adonim = sole_proprietorship.

Communitarian reform movement -- which generation is going to make the sacrifices needed, ours or our children's or our grandchildren's ?? - we must become a people of deeds, not rhetoric - our very survival is at stake !! -- 2nd American Revolution, active, non-violent EXPATRIATION from the SAGE construct; a reconstruction of constitutional values; federated communities; sovereign individuals -- the begettal and rebirth of the American ideal, a revived and revised American System, the public-Nation -- a recognition needed before the reckoning can begin, a "recognition gospel".

America (and by extension Canada) is an ideal; the ideal no longer exists -- America *is* its people; its people *are* America -- America is no longer a reality; America has ceased to exist; America must be withdrawn from the corporate private_money system to be reborn; the American System with its public_money system, communitarian and constitution values must be reinstated - the American people have been usurped of their *rights* under the corporate system -- corporate government and politicians at all levels must be disbanded and community "citizen assemblies", with a federated "people's congress" must be instituted in its place -- the individual is his own representative in the consensus process.

Violence must be avoided; you don't fight the Beast by becoming a beast yourself; non-violent EXPATRIATION is a must -- people have been mislead, even most in power - a massive educational effort must be initiated - people must be reacquainted with the American System as *ideal*, founded and based on God's Word - each citizen as teaching ministrant; study circles -- the American Dream must be awakened; the dream must become reality; we have been lulled into a very restless, deep sleep; the nightmare must end !!

A focus on the the social message - there is no shortage of persons preaching the Gospel message - the social message is the other side of the coin - the communitarian values inherent within the Gospel message - the spiritual and physical are inextricably intertwined together, they cannot be separated and must be lived and experienced together, there is only one way; to conquer others is to know power, to conquer yourself is to know the way [the return of Christ's social message; the communitarian church; the human_organism] -- the spiritual focus in all aspects of life [the 10C] is primary, the spiritual nature in each of us; cities thick with people need to be stirred; the begettal of physical society, a transformation from the ground up; truth planted, nurtured, harvested; conversion is a process.

Spending a wage = spending your life -- voluntary simplicity, compassion [Janet Luhrs, author "The Simple Living Guide"] - simple and enriched -- to earn a living, to make a living vs. "a living" as an inalienable right given to each by God; to contribute to a living is the proper communitarian term - the common_wealth NOT private_wealth -- the church is NOT a business; the church is an organism of people; a people who contribute and distribute where needed - a for-profit corporation is a criminal entity; usury is against the Law of Almighty God, and is condemned in the Bible -- the SAGE set the conditions of life; this cannot be allowed to continue; the very existence of humanity is being threatened (the loss of our human-ity will result in the death of humanity), the corporate view is obscuring this fact; society's veneration without comprehension; thought required to lead and not be led; the commons must speak by its actions vs. the corporate state ["a distinct artifact of ruling classes, a professionalized monopoly of violence to assure the subjugation and exploitation of human by human" (-Murray Bookchin)] - 2 Cor 10:5 "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ", thus ensuring ultimate freedom and equality.


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