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Astrology of 2010 through the Mirror of History

Astrology of 2010 through the Mirror of History
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Right before the moment of coherence is the point of maximum chaos.

Just 2 years before the prophesied Mayan calendar end date of December 21, 2012, in the summer of 2010, 2 transpersonal planets, Uranus and Pluto, 2 social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and 2 personal planets, the Sun and Mars, will confront each other upon the Cross of Matter in one of the most intense formations in all of astrology, often experienced only once in a human lifetime, a Grand Cardinal Cross. The waiting is over....

The Cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac, the outward, expressive thrust of energy in each of the four elements and seasons. Hence, Aries is cardinal fire and the spark of spring. Cancer is cardinal water and ignites the summer solstice. Libra is cardinal air and marks the autumn equinox. Capricorn is cardinal earth and initiates the dark season at the winter solstice. Since they rule the seasons, the alignment of many planets upon the Cardinal signs can literally change the face of the earth. We are about to embark on a time of dramatic change, mounting tension, and the aching pulse for a whole new paradigm of human existence. Do we have a map for the mystery? Are we in completely uncharted waters?

History does in fact repeat itself, only in an updated form, with new masks, costumes, and stakes at play. Planets represent evolutionary urges or archetypal forces within our soul. All of history can be studied as a series of interdependent planetary cycles, where planets relate to each other in specific geometric formations, called Aspects, and when planets occupy particular signs or primal energies of the zodiac. By combining these two modalities of study with astrology and history, we can cultivate an elaborate toolbelt from which to foreshadow the energies approaching all of us.

In Richard Tarnas' epic study of archetypal history, Cosmos and Psyche, he describes the rare experiences where multiple archetypal cycles overlap, involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, as begins in 2010. We find this explosive dynamic during the French Revolution, in 1929-1933, and during the mid 60's.

Of the overlapping, tense asngles between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, Tarnas writes, "Especially problematic in such eras was the extreme intensification of both wisdespread revolutionaryy upheaval and violent authoritarian repression in a tightly bound dialectic, mutually activating each other."

The 1793-1796 combination of these three planetary forces gave birth to the Reign of Terror. Dictatorial "revolution" was assumed by the Committee of Public Safety, a term which foreshadows the current geopolitical Orwellian linguistics. This committee attempted to control the entire populace through fear mongering, pressuring neighbors and family members to inform on each other, rushing imprisonments, trials, and executions, and suppressing all women's societies, with their leaders imprisoned and guillotined. In response to this massive slaughter of the populace, the highly conservative Thermidorean Reaction took charge. This all sounds quite similar to the 2009 geopolitical rhetoric, especially in the United States.

The 1964-67 period included the outbreak and intensification of the Vietnam War along with urban riots in over 120 cities, the assassination of Malcolm X, and the stampeding repressive 'revolution' in China under Mao Tse Tung's Red Guards. All of these events led to the last years of the 60's, the psychedelic explosion of the flower power movement and Woodstock, and the further assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

Within a month of 'the blackest day in stock market history, in October of 1929, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto moved within one degree of an exact T-square formation, mirroring the 2010-11 angle of tension. This formation sets the stage for all the ensuing events of the 1930's, including the rise of dictatorial regimes, communist, nationalist, and other sociopolitical movements, labor unrest, and widespread immigration.

In the 3 above examples, we witness unforgettable pivot points in history's march which mirror back to us in this present moment, overlapping cycles and subsequent themes emerging on the planet through the entire decade of the 2010's. We will unpack all of these further, but briefly, the Saturn-Uranus cycle produces conflict between Saturnian authority's order and structure and the forces of Uranian rebellion seeking freedom and innovative change. This cycle combines with the Saturn-Pluto cycle: its widespread financial failures, the rise of totalitarian regimes, poverty, despair, and a need to study the depths of the soul. A final layer to the above complexes, are the energies erupting under the Uranus-Pluto cycle: mass movements, radical philosophies and politics, cultural upheaval, and a volcanic creative counterculture. Overwhelming, traumatic, and often catastrophic effects ripple out as sociopolitical tsunamis during this potent planetary cycle. What each of these cycles unveils to the collective psyche are systemic problems that catalyze huge breakdowns of socio-political structures, and equally massive breakthoughs in human consciousness.

The 1929-33 configuration of planets. contains a special resonance for the 2010's because of its position on the Cardinal Axis. This was the last time Uranus occupied Aries and opposed Saturn in Libra, both squaring Pluto, who was then in Cancer, the opposite sign of its 2010 transit through Capricorn. During the years surrounding the Great Depression, Pluto transited the U.S. Sun and Mercury, annihilating the very vitality (Sun) of the country and its ability to trade (Mercury).

The cardinal climax will directly challenge the majority of the U.S. birthchart. For instance, between 2008-2022, the archetypal force of Pluto will dominate the U.S. populace in a cascade of intensifying experiences that will force a complete destruction and regeneration of the United States. In succession, beginnng in 2008, Pluto will oppose the U.S. Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury, in addition to squaring the U.S. Saturn and Chiron, all before climaxing in the country's Pluto return in 2022, a first in U.S. History. Stress, tension, and volatility are understatements in this scenario. Will the United States still be 'united' at this point? Will the U.S. dollar exist or signify anything? How will the citizens of the United States regenerate themselves and their country? Will there be a one-world government with one currency and what will the effect of this be? Will climate change and species depopulation force our consciousness to shift through global cataclysm? What new forms of art, what scientific discoveries, what emerging spiritualities will guide Gaia and her species through the pressures of her birth canal into self-aware, ascending beings participating in a unified, multidimensional consciousness? ...

Saturn-Pluto - an Introduction

It is important for us to begin with the Saturn-Pluto complex for a number of reasons. First, the cycle peaks during the winter of 2009-2010 and the summer of 2010 with a tense waning square formation. Secondly, Saturn-Pluto will continue through the entire decade of the 2010s, as the two planets powerfully join forces between 2019-2020, with a conjunction in Capricorn. Also, Pluto is in Saturn's sign of rulership, Capricorn through 2022, while Saturn will occupy Pluto's sign of affinity, Scorpio, between 2012-2014. That 2.5 year period will mark a mutual reception, where the two planets occupy each other's signs and work to mutually enhance and enforce their combined energies onto the planet as a whole. These two facts emphasize the importance of these archetypes to demonstrate key events erupting on the planet and within our souls over the decade of the 2010's.

Additionally, everyone on the planet will experience Saturn transiting their natal Pluto between 2004 and 2017. This can be one of the more challenging of aspects in astrology as the grime and grit and depth and mystery of our souls must be confronted and integrated. Often we are shoved to our very limits with this transit. Our core wounds are revealed and seek to catalyze a deeper breadth of self awareness, acting as transformative agents on our paths of evolution. As Saturn transits our personal Pluto, he applies pressure to our generational purposes to regenerate and rebirth an archetype.

In our studies of the Saturn-Pluto complex, we will traverse complicated, vast, and intense realms of consciousness, from the need to shift from a monetary to a resource-based economy to the psychological foundations of war. We will venture into artifical intelligence and examine expolitics - the consequences of alien contact for humanity. We will study the territory of the the soul itself by discussing the breakthrough potential of past life therapy, cathartic breathwork, shamanic journeying, and karmic astrology. We will also dive into the film, music, literature, philosophies, and psychological studies of previous Saturn-Pluto cycles, which can support us with luminous candles of insight in our journey through the dark and perplexing caverns of the Saturn-Pluto combination. ...

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