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Negate The Claim, Take Back Your Sovereignty

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-15

The “Nation” is considered by most as an “open hand of welcome” – but the “(Nation-)State” is actually a “closed fist” (ie., “America” and the “United States” are in reality two very different perceptions/actualities/entities, though the religion of “America, the Chosen” is utilized to give/take divine sanction to/by the US); the “divinization” of the National Epic/Narrative, the “divine sanction” — War is being redefined in the public mind by “shallow” use (self-serving overt aggression) by “shallow” politicians, ie., the Iraq-Afghanistan War – evil begets evil; all sides fighting for their “God given rights” – the only innocents here are the non-combatants on both sides who are in-the-main the ones being killed; the SAGE seek conflict and unrest as a means of controlled exploitation; take a look around, their Agenda is everywhere — War is Mammon’s “consolidation mechanism”; naked overt aggression, not clothed in any accepted reason; non-justified (complicit) – WAR TO CREATE WAR !! — the progression of war, engendered conflicts as means (the interrelated events, etc.) – the Grimm (the “forces of wealth” need to extricate for their own systemic maintenance/survival (predicated upon debt/profit; exploitation is essential)); wealth protection vs. the vulgaris (the common people) !!

The Nations are in effect a “business environment” conditioned by the “social temperament” — the “elect” corporations are “economic entities” in-and-of themselves with the prerogatives once considered sanctioned by “States” only, ie., private armies and influence — corporate interest is now national interest; the SAGE are the corporate “controlling interest(s)”, the “progenitor wealth” — war is a weapon of weakness and deep spiritual illness — business as “mechanism of/for life”, its “growth and profit” dynamic is a cancer on the social body — the “secular church” is married to the State, the “Bride of Christ” has married the Devil instead; the concept of the separation of “Church and State” is for common consumption to ensure the State “as religion”, the false, selfish and prejudiced idol-god of nationalism and patriotism — “profit” based on “debt-instruments” is systemic bondage to Mammon; business “growth” demanded to ensure “profit” of investment; Mammon’s growth is a cancer on Humanity and will consume us !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-16

1 Cor 15:24, all rule, authority, power and establishment shall be put down: the “rape” of the earth – every human being has a sacred “being” in the eyes of God (not a “sacred being” as such, as yet, but a sacred “being”) — every Human Being has “divine rights” and anyone or anything that denies such is in “violation of God” — SAGE-systemic design, development and implementation of Mammon = advocatus mamona diaboli = the satanic defender(s) of the “rights” of the FALLEN and their enslavement of mankind = their abrogation of God(-ing) as “Desposynic”, their “descendant responsibility” – pre-Adamic “merchandise” systemic (Tree of Good and Evil); post-Adamic term: Tyrean (King and Princes of Tyrus); open-revolt against God’s “living” systemic (Tree of Life); defeat resultant “the FALLEN” and their systemic “establishment” (First Estate corruption; systemic of death) over mankind by their Edenic deception and rejection of God’s systemic — the End Times “spiritual flood” of Mammon (drowning all; Preachers of Unrighteousness), Mammon’s “Corporate Giants” demanding and consuming all; Nation-States “false secular Eden’s” seeking to impart “God’s presence” (mimicry of; divine warrant claim) to a deceived/imprisoned populace — our civilization-systemic is a mirror image of the pre-Genesis Angelic, the Tyrean systemic of Mammon.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-17

The flow of money from private-rich to public-poor termed socialism/communism; the flow of money from public purse to private purse termed vital recapitalization — Nation-State systemic enclosure, business environment, psychological social moulds – Mammon is about subjugation and conquest, war called “business competition”, “competitive advantage”, etc., and “national interest”; the wasting of humanity and the ecosystem by those willing to be possessed by the Mammon-corporate — the public (present and future) disenfranchised in total to support the private — the “faces of the devil” in the world; institutionalized evil overwhelming our shared humanity; the “State” is the “institutionalized nation” and we, as nation, are all complicit — we must understand the “social encoding”, the “framework” and those who occupy the positions we accept as “part of life”, the “way things are”, including the “encoded faith systemics”, the “god-sanction”, given to, and used by Mammon [Matt 23]; our “perceptual filter(s)” must be examined and understood — the “world behind the world”, the physical world is a reflection of the spiritual: Mammon, the “Faith of the Fallen”, the “possession” of “spiritual wickedness”; the SAGE-Progenitors’ “spiritual separation” from the rest of mankind — inhuman animalistic behaviour denotes a “spiritual vacuum” created by lust and greed — the “person” who preaches/brings “fear of God” knows nothing about God.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-18

The “Devil” kills no man, men do; we actuate the Devil or we can actuate God — the corporate “structure” of society, roles/professions; the “State” is all about “corporate wealth” and “national debt”, the enforced “privatization of wealth/profit” and the “socialization of debt/cost”; the “public-Nation” pays for and supports the “private-State”; since the “debt” can never be repaid (as Money is Debt), “income tax” is a necessity to repay the Debt as it is essentially “already issued debt” and it is regarded and collected by the corporate-State as a “franchise fee” for “public” State-Citizenship and Benefit; the Public must pay a “fee” to access some of their God-given “rights” usurped and taken by the State — the State is “private-ownership” overriding and/or dismissing the Nation’s “public stewardship” — “religion” is the re-binding to the systemic; Mammon “is” the possession; the State is all about the controlled “structure” and “psychology” of the Nation (our “group think” and “conformity”); our physical “world view” and our spiritual “God-view”; the monetary “de-meaning” of a Human Being (in “violation of God”); defined in Mammon’s terms: “worth” for life; how can one be “Lord and Master” if everyone actually had “equal rights” in all things.

The link between our “real” world and the “artificial” systemic is our consent whether known-or-unknown; every citizen has been “capitalized” monetarily and nominally as Nation-State debt-surety (the State-issued “Strawman”, the “artificial you”); the SAGE Nation-State “owns” you and everything connected to you (your possessions, even children) — the systemic manipulation of the Nation is pure evil: the very “forces” that assassinated ML King in 1968 selected/placed Barack Obama into the Presidency 40 years later – Mammon or Messiah: “sell your soul to the devil” (lust) or “give it unto God(-ing)” (love); no Human “Being” has “right” to wealth when so many are in poverty (anything above need is greed); the present “spiritual war” is about consciousness, against the “faces” and “masks” of death and corruption, the very “imagery”; negate the claim, take back your sovereignty vs. an artificial systemic evoking real and deadly repercussions; violence (in any form) is a betrayal of our God(-ing) and a failure of our humanity.

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It Is Time To Burn The Strawman [update1]

For Your Consideration:

* Take a look at your Government issued I.D., License, Birth Certificate, SSN, etc.
* Your name is written in CAPITAL letters, ie., JOHN WILLIAM DOE.
* That is the artificial you - the corporate you - registered at birth or upon application of a SSN or SIN (in Canada).
* The Corporate-State/Corporations can only legally contract with another fiction, thus your "STRAWMAN", the corporate NAME, the LEGAL PERSON/TRADE NAME not with your Lawful/Christian name.
* Under the Uniform Commercial Code, the STRAWMAN is the "transmitting utility" to access goods and services, a "dummy corporation" of one, and even though you do NOT hold Title to your STRAWMAN you are responsible for the public liability associated with the "benefits" that come to you through it.

* All law in Americanada is Corporate-Statute Law/Admiralty Law, every organization is a for-profit corporation, incl. the Police, Law Courts, Government and registered as such (Standard and Poor's). The UNITED STATES has been a corporate legal fiction for decades.
* All your legal documents, contracts, deeds, mortgages, bank accounts, retirement funds, etc. have your STRAWMAN name on them - that is not you in the flesh-and-blood, everything you think you own - YOU DO NOT - you have legal use because you signed your name John Doe (first letter capitalized only) on the forms, ie., your checking/chequing accounts, withdrawal slips, contracts, etc.
* Your children do not belong to you (they have their own STRAWMAN, you gave them to the State when you registered their births), neither your house, car, etc., that is why the Corporate-State can take all from you legally, including your children - all is owned by the private-State including you. They have "Title".
* They can enforce laws over you because they own you, even laws to protect their investment (ie., seat belts, helmets).

* You are "debt surety" on the National Debt and are listed as such at the Bank for International Settlements.
* You pay "Income Tax" on the private currency that you are allowed to earn - and once again "you" do not own your money, you are allowed to retain and use private-State Currency because it is earned/held under a STRAWMAN and you have been granted signing authority, as privilege, as-long-as you conform.
* That dollar bill does not say the Bank of John on it - everything held in your STRAWMAN's account can be seized or withheld at any time because, once again, IT IS NOT YOURS, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK.
* ALL IS CORPORATE, AND ALL THAT IS CORPORATE IS PROTECTED AND ENFORCED BY THE STATE (slaves are provided the necessities to continue working, and only that).
* Reference Black's Law Dictionary for CAPITALIZED NAMES and their meaning.

* As "debt surety" the private-State can create/borrow "in your name" $30-50,000 each year, basically the same as your salary, and you and your children and your grandchildren are Federally mandated to pay Income Tax yearly to provide an economic foundation for the Debt created, partial payment ad infinitum (the Debt can never be repayed) - the average lifetime wage/salary expectation of a middle-class person working 40 years is between 1 and 2 Million dollars (+/- $50,000/year) - you have no choice but to repay a portion of your wage/salary, as in-effect your money is not actually owned by you, and the "owners" require their cut or they will repossess everything that they own (everything you have).
* Trillions of Dollars can be created and your progeny are mandated as the "debt surety", perpetual slavery.
* With a population of 300M people the private-State (United States (Inc.)) - not the public-Nation of America - can theoretically create a Debt of 300 Million x 30 Thousand(+)) Dollars each year = $9,000,000,000,000 = $9 Trillion Dollars, economic performance and/or necessity being a factor in creating a Debt of this magnitude.
* "The Powers That Be" thus can bail-out their criminality with change to spare, knowing the Systemic can absorb the debt as-long-as the public do not catch on to the mechanisms of control - the private creation of capital/national currency - ALL ON THE BACKS OF THE POPULATION IN WHO'S NAME (STRAWMAN) IT IS CREATED, AND REMEMBER, YOUR ASSET VALUE IS ACTUALLY THEIRS AND TABULATED AS SUCH.

* WE CREATE THE VERY MONIES WE SLAVE AWAY TO "EARN" FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PRIVATE OWNERS: The private-State borrows from a private-Corporation (The Federal Reserve System who "creates" the monies "in your name") and pays interest on the debt.
* Public-Money (Interest Free) created by the public-Nation (actual Greenbacks) would begin to remove the control of the Private from the Nation and Community - the interface between the public-Nation and the private-State, our selected-to-be-elected Government has to be purged of the Corporate, the private-State rescinded and the public-Nation reinstated, the re-birth of the American and Canadian Nations (essentially one family, brothers).

* The created and fashioned Monetary Crisis is manipulated to ensure absolute control for acquisition and globalization. Fear runs wild on Main Street while in the back rooms of Wall Street all is well - the wage-slaves underwriting the systemic.
* Other Nations "buy the debt" (as an investment, or by necessity) because the "economic engine" (that's you) will continue to run - population must be maintained or increased so that STRAWMAN issued debt and repayment (Federal Income Tax) can be maintained.
* To take back your sovereignty, to take possession of your STRAWMAN is near impossible, an Enemy of the State is not too kindly looked upon - some have achieved partial success - stories vary. You would negate any "citizenship" benefits if you were able to.

* A "sovereign" individual is NOT a "citizen" no matter how you define it or whom you exclude; you "take back" your sovereignty by gradual disinvestment and withdrawal not by seeking drawing rights from the very state-systemic repudiated.
* There is NO Treasury Direct Account with monies available upon "redemption" of your Strawman. The SPLC (link below) is correct in their description of sovereign financial scams like "redemption."
* Slowly withdrawing from the Systemic is the first step, but TOTAL WITHDRAWAL must eventually be realized; we achieve sovereignty by LEGAL non-cooperation and refusal to participate [as much as we are able; NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE] while at the same time building an alternative - just saying "NO" by voluntary simplicity in your everyday life is a good beginning.
* WE BUILD A NEW WORLD BY GIFTING WHAT WE HAVE, minimizing the claim of others until the claim is negated by utility of alternative / sustainable means (ie. negative-interest community currencies): pure eco-nomy, A SOCIETY OF THE GIFT !! [MM Book 1 Chapter 3-7]
* The “private” Federal Reserve Notes [FRNs] are stained and tainted with blood and oppression; they are separate from the love of God, indeed opposed to it ... Each FRN is contaminated with evil and the degree of our infection [the social control, the bondage], our social sickness, is determined by the degree [the intensity] of our contact with it. [MM Book 1 Chapter 4-12,13]
* Violence (in any form) is a betrayal of our God(-ing) and a failure of our humanity. [MM Book 1 Chapter 5-18 (above)]

* The "Game" being played, and its threats/repercussions of deflation/inflation/hyper-inflation are cruel with very real public impact - lives have been, are, and will be destroyed.
* Again, money is NOT created out-of-thin-air, it cannot be, you enable the money to be created - YOU CREATE THE MONEY - it is STRAWMAN issued, and you guarantee it as "debt-surety". We partially recognize this by taking out a car loan, mortgage, etc. Our "debt-servitude" is the "Bond", the debt-security, a life-time of labor.
* You are the "precious metal" backing the currency, your "metal" (your strength of character, your tenacity, your work ethic/need), the collective Human "Resources" of the Nation.

* The purposeful, temporary partial-destruction of the "middle-class" has been determined as the best way to achieve Global Control. As the "debt-surety" is negated so to the value of the US Dollar, precipitating the needed world crisis. Total collapse is not the objective - absolute ownership and consolidation is - the Economic Union of the US and Canada being a chief aim with the collective Natural Resources then partially underpinning the State currency to replace the lost STRAWMAN surety - Corporate Raiding at its finest. This is NOT Big Government gaining control of the corporations, this is Big Corporate in control of the Government.
* The growing "middle-class" of the more easily manipulated Asian economies who were seeded with the jobs transferred out of North America and Europe are the added "debt-surety" for the New Economy - thus global enslavement achieved.

Total disinvestment, systemic withdrawal, and repudiation of the "odious" debt is the only way to undermine and collapse this systemic. We must be preparing and prepared to accommodate the many displaced. The issue of public-monies by the public-Nation is an essential step but in the meantime, or in tandem with, community or regional currencies should be implemented. THE SLAVES MUST RISE IN NON-VIOLENT REVOLUTION (FIGURATIVELY BURNING THEIR STRAWMEN), AND TAKE BACK THEIR LIVES !!

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