Monday, June 28, 2010

We Must Become Mercy and Truth

Events have dragged/pushed us beyond the threshold of sanity, the "event horizon" [of mind]; *ONLY* OUR GOD(-ing) CAN SAVE US !! -- suppression of civil rights by an "undeclared" war [declared use of force vs. specific targets, ie., Saddam, Taliban, notwithstanding] against terrorism could last a long time, and become permanent, with NO opposition !! - RESISTANCE [Christ-ian] IS A MATTER OF CONSCIENCE !! - the claim that "peace activists" encourage war, by creating an exploitable environment [for those who would use war], is false [strength of character (God's) vs. imposition of another's character (of war)]; WAGING WAR REQUIRES MANY TO BE INVOLVED, AN EMOTIVE CATALYST [ie., nationalist religion]; ** WAR REQUIRES SUPPORT !! ** - WAR WILL BE *DEFEATED* BY MERCY [repentance and forgiveness] AND TRUTH !! - the infliction of war, for whatever reason, is a crime against our humanity, a crime against our God(-ing): THERE IS *NO* EXCUSE FOR INFLICTION OF WAR, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THE EVIL REASONS OF WAR !!

Dismissal/negation by [selfish] (ab)use [of Christ]; Christ(-ian-ity) is a GIFT - CHRIST IS NOT USED, ONLY GIFTED !! - fraudulent *use* of Christ is the most prevalent form of Christ-expression, [incl., the COG Inc.], CHRIST AS SELFISH IDOL, AND WORSHIPPED AS SUCH, IN VAIN [IN VANITY; PREJUDICE] !! - THE TRUTH [*OF* CHRIST] IS DAMNED AS ANATHEMA [non-redemption; doomed to destruction] BY *OUR* "CHRIST-IAN-ITY" RECONCILED TO THE WORLD [kosmos/Mammon] !! - WE DO *NOT* KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING, YET GOD WILL FORGIVE US, BECAUSE GOD *IS* MERCY AND TRUTH !! - we must *become* mercy and truth as Christ-ians, we must heal this evil world together with God; WE MUST REVENGE [*of* God; vindicate(-tion) of God's Way and Truth: to defend; to justify; to support or maintain as true or correct, against ** denial, censure or objections **; to assert; TO PROVE GOD (to be; as) JUST AND VALID] ALL DISOBEDIENCE - WE MUST BE, EXIST, *AS* CHRIST !!


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