Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Is The Surpassing Power

GOD IS THE SURPASSING POWER, not just a circumscribing power, of abusive relations, of authoritarianism; GOD IS EQUITY IN *ALL* THINGS !! - "rankism is an abuse" - rank is NOT necessary; those who would have rank must be the greater servant, they must give dignity and their respect as gift to those not considered ranked [unleavened bread]; RANK MUST BE TURNED INTO A SERVANT GIFT, AN ENGAGEMENT TO ELIMINATE ANY/ALL CONSIDERATION OF RANK(-ism) !! -- an assault on another's dignity [rank is an insult] is an assault on our God(-ing) [humiliating God]; our prevalent systemic is rankism dependent [capitalism; democratic-fascism], ie., the chronic indignity of the working-poor under constant monetary threat vs. voting their [selfish] economic interest in order to deconstruct a selfish systemic [ie., the working-poor voting populist, or socialist]; a dignitarian [dignity] movement is needed, an egalitarian societal ideal [this is what Christ(-ian systemic) advocated] !! - one social group subordinating another social group is evil, a woven cloak, a societal construct that needs to be unwoven by Mercy and Truth - CIVILIZING RANK IS NOT THE ANSWER, OUR COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF RANK IS: A NEW ATTITUDE, A NEW MIND !! - we must throw off the burden of the "somebody mystique" - WE MUST BE COGNIZANT OF THE IMPOSITION OF [selfish] WILL THROUGH RANK(-ism) !! - GOD IS *NOT* SUB-ORDINATION TO THE ORDINATED !! - rankism [ordination to privilege] is prejudice and abuse, the tyranny of structure, demanding humility [for reward]; WE ARE HUMBLE *ONLY* BEFORE OUR GOD !! - NOBODY IS A NOBODY, everyone *is* a somebody !!

Our family relationship is our co-genitor [environment]; the "family" form is our *only* form of relationship(s), in *all* things -- anger is the reaction to our emptiness and fear [causation]; we must eliminate the cause; there is no such thing as "healthy" anger - we must NOT react to another's anger and we must recognize our own - REAL LOVE, CONCERN IS THE CURE [anger is the result of a lacking, a lessening, of love (of God)]; our "expectations" of another's behaviour [esp., our marriages/family], our frustrations at their perceived lacking, results in our anger [hurt] - vested-interest [esp., media-induced] perceived injury emotive, a leading cause of collective anger [an evil, empty systemic using the emptiness to produce more; a vicious cycle in its service] -- OUR ANGER IS A "SELFISH" EMOTION; GOD IS *NOT* ANGER OR ANGRY WITH US [we don't feel His love; we are detracted by "our" anger (anger is always wrong)] - we must overcome our anger: 1 be quiet [shut-up] 2 be wrong [we are here to be happy (reciprocal love)] 3 feel love [remember] 4 get love [open to] 5 be loving [gift(-ing)] - ANGER IS DESTROYING US [venting anger does NOT get rid of it, only love(-ing) does (unconditional acceptance upon repentance, our being and doing cognition; realizing God is cognoscible (capable of being known): KNOWING, PERCEIVING GOD)] !! - we are adept at transferring our negative, destructive emotions on others [because we cannot deal with them ourselves], unwillingly on their part [selfish transference of selfish emotions]; we must become adept at transferring our love [gifted by God], gifting the essence of ourselves unselfishly and openly; others will accept love willingly.


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