Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Place of Refuge

Political Parties are encased selfish doctrines/policies [vested claim], all variations of the one actual/overriding "party": the BUSINESS PARTY [corporate money(-ies) as sole means/instrumentality; the common denominator (denomination; corporate-domination/dominion)] !! - "democracy" [the people, to rule (rule of the ruled)] as a learned process, utilizing imposed corporate means, is a contradiction; democratic-fascism is the resultant/norm [accountable only to the means] - demon-ocracy [daemon: the dark wisdom, FAITH OF THE FALLEN, application of; a guardian spirit, inspiring or inner spirit (lesser; of evil); demiurge(-ic) (one who works for the people; creator, the material world): as ruling force, creative power (of evil; works *of* the world/kosmos)] -- demimonde n. [Fr demi (half; less than usual in size, power; DEMIGOD(-ing): a lesser god(-ing); offspring (of man and god) knowledge of good and evil) + monde (world; society), L mundus (world); any group whose activities are ethically questionable].

We must provide for (prepare the Gospel; preparing/survivalism ethos) and/or ask/demand/take "right of *sacred* asylum" [L. from Gr., safe from (the) spoil, and spoil (to plunder); a sanctuary (a sacred place; consecrated to the worship of God and family life; sanctuary-man); a place of refuge; a place of retreat and security; shelter from the "justice" of man (the *reality* of our Christ-ian-ity (ekklesian community) makes us criminals according to the corporate-systemic, held in its service)], asylum *with* God away from man's systemic claim(s): AS HE IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD !! - public justice as private vengeance -- asylum/sanctuary begins in our minds at Baptism: the COG is congenital [congenite; of the same birth; born with another; begotten together]; our symbiotic relationship with God begins our healing, our Christ-ian community, in symbiosis with the world, heals the world !! - the demon-ocracies of this world, the demigods(-ing), the demiurgic means must be destroyed [our means must be spiritual: the gift(-ing)]: WE CANNOT BE PART OF, COMPLICIT IN, THE LESSENING [systemic-being] !!

We Must Forgive But Never Forget !!

The fact that the "public mind" is seemingly of no consequence to the SAGE speaks volumes - these men/women are-and-will-be vilified on the level of Hitler and Stalin in the common perception, their very mention will be hated in the coming years - we must preserve the books, magazines, electronic media (web pages, blogs, articles etc.) that chronicle our era, what is happening to us right now and those deemed responsible - in the time coming, the probable societal breakdown, censorship and confiscation of materials deemed threatening to the Fascist-State under the guise of social stability will attempt to erase the public-record and the public-mind - we must archive these materials now on a continuing basis, we must stow them away and preserve them for a future accounting, they must be part of our preparing/survival ethos - WE MUST FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET !!


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