Saturday, June 12, 2010

Evil Is Seemingly Boundless In Extent And Reward

Without Money, Without Price

EVIL IS SEEMINGLY BOUNDLESS IN EXTENT AND REWARD !! - the harm done to people's lives by corporate CEO's [their corporate policies; the public icons (incl. Board of Directors)] is *beyond* measure and recognition, this includes our government - consulting the public good is a formality necessary to preserve the image of plurality, but sovereign power and interest is now corporate not public - democratic reason is lost and vested interest takes precedence !! -- real, expressed, violent civil-disobedience is the corporate-government overriding the public concern and will [not obeying the people, the rightful owners] and imposing and maintaining the SAGE-Systemic with armed force - our laws and media point us in other directions, ie., the poor, welfare, immigration, health care, etc., privilege and its evil are protected [as essential], its victims are blamed [further victimization of the victimized]; the psychosis(sys) of Mammon has spread its roots deep into humanity, negating humanity -- man is NOT getting better, WE ARE GROWING *MORE* SELFISH EVERYDAY: the world [natural and kosmos(systemic)] is degenerating [we are more and more degenerate] physically and spiritually !!

HOW DO WE PERCEIVE OURSELVES [individually and collectively; our groupings] ?? - what do we see, how do we look ?? - we are de-meaning ourselves by our "nature of interaction" [business, its money] !! -- we must think *beyond* the moment !! - WE ARE ALL "PASSING THE BUCK" [refusing our complicity, our responsibility, while utilizing the systemic, "the buck"] !! -- the corporate "suit" is a filthy rag [clothed in sin: FILTHY LUCRE/RAGS] - we either experience God or the Devil *by* the nature of our interactions with each other [we "define" God] !! -- LORD as "loaf-keeper", companion as "bread-fellow", CHRIST IS THE BREAD OF LIFE, the SPIRITUAL MANNA, the *wisdom* from above [*as* Christ; application of the the Word, the Gospel] !! - the 12 loaves of shewbread, the ** "bread of the presence" **, were unleavened [the 12 "Tribes" (name characteristics) of Israel], and *renewed* every Sabbath day; we must *become* de-leavened as the COG [WE ARE THE SHEWBREAD], in *all* aspects of our lives, physically and spiritually [sincerity and truth], as companions of Christ and of each other !! - ALL MUST BE GIFTED AND PLACED ON THE *ONE* COMMON TABLE OF GOD(-ing) [the community], FOR ALL TO SHARE, WITHOUT MONEY [commodification], WITHOUT PRICE [systemic claim] [Isa 55:1] !!

What is the Cause of Our Pause?

The manipulators and managers of power, using the various -ism's [ie., socialism, terrorism, etc.], religion, democracy, globalization, etc., as justification [media: manufactured consent (Chomsky), compliance and complicity] for their [selfish] actions !! - the "commanding heights" of power [Prince(s) of Tyre (ref: Mammon or Messiah Addendum 1)] are *NOT* the Mountain of God [Zion]; the *terrible* mechanism(s) of globalization in a global climate of turmoil is a liability, corporate oppression stirring the storm [convective emotions] - cooperative reaction amongst selfish entities [the Nation-States] to fight/combat terrorism, etc., [a *product* of their selfishness] will fail, resulting in a deep rift, a breach between the US(UK) and the EU; EVIL WILL *CONSUME* ITSELF [destructive prosperity, wealth, is a contradiction, an oxymoronic systemic of evil works] !!

Many plan to "live" before they die, to be a devil before they're an angel [source: unknown song] !! -- the volume of human cruelty is loud, reaching up to God [the cry of fear and despair]; systemic "privation" [private means/profits (demanding/causing privation)] enabling prejudiced gain is evil [personal gain at the expense (life; need; penury) of another] !! - the [systemic] CLAIM OF MONEY and those who control [prejudice] it, and the usury imposed, must be rejected and abhorred [evil works: being and doing; weaponization] !! -- the "dust of empire" [emotions stirred up; choking winds; stomping boots] will become the "ashes of civilization" [Ezek., 28:18; devour; ashes upon the earth]; the Revelation/Revealing, the consuming/purifying "truth" will reduce our world [kosmos(systemic)] to ashes !!

The love "threat", people hate the love [of God; the world hated/hates Christ, His Way of Life]; Christ was killed by the "people of God", by their utilization of the "Roman" systemic and we are doing the same !! - WE ARE PRIESTS OF MAMMON [by definition] !! - WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF OUR PAUSE ?? - where is thought if it never leaves the thinker ?? - we must bring every thought to Christ; we have to examine, reason with [God], and then "re-define" our existence [common purpose; in terms of "the other" rather than in terms of (our)self] !! - WE MUST WALK *TOGETHER* WITH GOD, AS GOD FAMILY !! -- in the war "within" man's soul, only God's love can heal the wounds: our physical existence is a reflection of our spiritual [illness; injury(-ies)]; GOD'S LOVE AND PEACE DWELLS FROM WITHIN !! - we are writing ourselves *into* "being" [the Book of Life] !!


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