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Walter Burien: CAFR, Government, and You

The Biggest Game in Town

"GROSS" INCOME of government is now 1/3rd "TAX" income and 2/3rds NON-TAX income derived from: return on INVESTMENTS and money generated from government Enterprise projects. ...

Pensions, self-funding debt financial authorities, self insurance authorities CAFRs [Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports] should be looked at also. As of 2005 there are over 84,000 "individual" Annual Financial Reports (the CAFR) produced by just our local government operations. Each with their own investments and cash accounts.. ...

The composite totals of investment assets held internationally by the USA government is staggering. Between local and Federal government, the total of liquid investment assets held Internationally is a conservative sixty(60) Trillion dollars (2005). ...

Are the Banks at Fault? Not Really
by Walter Burien article link

There are now in this country over 136,000 separate government corporations in place. In doing so, government has expanded take-over ownership of it all by investment. They, composite government now own by the predominance of their investments the banks, stock market, and the insurance industry.

Let me qualify this: In 1963, all local and federal government investments (not public like SSI or Medicare but government's own stash) held with the Bank, Brokerage, and Insurance industries was about four-trillion dollars. Today? About one-hundred-ten trillion dollars internationally, and Oh yes, silence has truly been golden here for them. ...

From all US local and federal investment wealth in composite totals now amassed, or that $110,000,000,000,000 (one-hundred-ten-trillion) if divided by 300,000,000 the basic population of the US = $366,666.66 each, for every man, woman, and child in the USA. It would be great in reality to be a "real" shareholder here. US Government, all local and federal "gross annual income" from tax; investment; enterprise; and other in composite totals is now about 10 trillion dollars each year.

The Who and How they Own and Control it All!
by Walter Burien article link
December 15th 2009

I will note that the most important fact the people need to know is that in collective totals government (thousands of individual government entities) owns by stock ownership; bond participation; and equity participation most of the large public traded companies such as technology; pharmaceuticals; energy; banks; insurance; and war industry groups through collective ownership (in many a case 71% to 83% ownership).

There is no one individual government entity that will call the shots for these companies (even though some carry more clout than others) but there are private associations that network thousands of local and federal government accounts that have been assigned representative proxy vote rights for the thousands they represent and here is where the control rests.

By proxy vote representing the "collective" primary shareholders they can exert pressure for that company to do as told and if not they can remove the board of directors by representative proxy vote. On the other hand they can network millions if not billions of dollars of government investment capital for direction and investment with any company. ...

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The Common Denominator
by Walter Burien article link

The key for the masses to see this and fill the void intentionally created in their comprehension's is to start looking at collective totals. Keep in mind that as of 2009 there are over 184,000 separate local government entities big and small alone in the USA before Federal is accounted for, each with their own investments and separate totals. ...

In each state there are several large government retirement funds and many small fund sometimes several hundred in a large state. Looking at the big ones will give a representative example. When looking at say fifty or sixty of the large funds the collective totals add up to being evidently clear that the government OWNS these companies by investment.

With the thousands of separate government entities networked through a few private associations, they can rule towards policy; price; procedure; and market saturation.

This intertwined ownership and the ability to funnel taxpayer funds into these companies guarantees massive profits for the government's investments and creates the ups and downs in any one market as they enter and exit in uniform collective motion. Any other private investors outside of the loop are subject to guess work and luck if they obtain a profit. The only fundamentals at play here is the movement of the large government institutional funds creating the market as they move in and out in concert networked in perfected timing by the private associations that call the shots for them in consult. This gives a new definition to the golden rule: "He who controls the gold makes the rules" and in this case it is: "He who controls the investments makes all the rules"

As you start to look at the different international holdings held in these reports, you will see the top four profit makers in order of profits generated are: The Pharmaceutical / Health Care Companies; The Bank / Financial Companies; The Oil / Energy Companies; The War Industry Groups.

Government in its collective totals has acquired absolute ownership of these companies through stock; bond; and cash investment in these companies. The private sector ownership in the same is insignificant in comparison. So here we have government determining policy; events; and programs that in all reality guarantees themselves massive profits and in many case bringing forth policy and events that are very counter productive to the general public good and well being. War and Health care costs being perfect examples. ...

It is important to realize that as these funds grew over the decades they drove the economy by capitol investment. The power base that was created was unequaled especially when collective totals are amassed, we are talking just from the thousands of separate government retirement funds both federal and local somewhere between $26 to $28 trillion. ...

As an end result of the road we all have been on that is why the masses are being stripped piece by piece of freedoms; wealth; and operational unions and the individual is being told for all intents and purposes to shut up; do what you are told; and mind your own business. Arrogance flourishes when massive wealth is created by deception; theft; and extortion as it has within our own government as it has been also within other governments throughout the world and throughout the decades. Government is marketing to the masses that they are broke. Why do they do this? Quite simply; Who looks behind the poor mans house for a tower of gold and riches held.

A miraculous awakening needs to take place here to reverse the path we are heading down. It is a very unpleasant path that will lead to our own annihilation in due course. When there is massive wealth as there is in this country, there is the potential for massive orchestrated theft. Well, it has, is, and will continue to happen if the fundamental structure of things remains the same without true corrective measures to reverse the path we are currently on. ...

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